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Large scale machine builders like Murata Machinery, DMG Mori, Mazak Corporations, Teledyne Dalsa, Johnston Equipment and over 500 other organizations have trusted us to inspect equipment and help ensure safety for their workplaces and employees.

Perfect Track Record

Over 25,000 Circuit diagrams traced for safety in accordance to Ministry of Labor regulations and applicable safety standards, with 1000’s of different machines inspected with 0 failed attempts to maintain and ensure safety.

Domain Expertise

Expert knowledge in over 30+ different industries and their safety related measures and standards, with experience and exposure to 1000’s of different workplace and manufacturing settings.

Ministry Compliant

Every safety service ever performed is done with 0 compromises in order to ensure every requirement set out by the Ministry of Labour and relevant standards and regulations are followed

What we can do for you

Making sure your machinery and equipment is safe to use and complies with ministry standards correctly is a top priority, and we can make sure it’s done right the first time.

Meeting production schedules while maintaining operator and employee safety are crucial aspects that a company cannot afford any comprises in. Making sure your machinery has all the necessary safeguarding equipment to avoid liabilities and delays is our specialty.

Maintaining the value of the property and ensuring no potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities exist is unquestionably important. Making sure they don’t stand in the way of your company’s success is our duty.

More than 50+ Years
of Combined Experience

7000+ projects
500+ clients
100+ safety
0 unsatisfied


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